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About Us

Creek Hollow is owned and operated by Steve and Sarita Johnston along with our son, Austin. I have been working in the construction industry for more than 30 years and with cabinets for the past 18 years.  Understanding our contractors and customers needs, along with the services they are looking for, allows us to carry the right products at great prices.  We take pride in taking in our customers as if they are family and making them feel comfortable with their decisions. Many of our customers have become great friends and continue to be long after that first sale!  The Johnston Family is proud to be part of the Chattanooga community and continue to look for ways we can help out our neighbors. We also are a proud parents of a St. Jude Catholic School student and enjoy giving back to our St. Jude community.  If your child goes to St Jude, be sure to ask how we can help!

Thank You,

Steve, Sarita and Austin Johnston